BCM215 Beta

Since my DA pitch, I have been giving my DA a lot of thought before approaching it. What I realised when beginning to write my scripts and do my research is that what I pitched s much larger than the time limit allowed.

While I have begun working on my video essays, I have had to begin thinking about how I’m going to overhaul the entire project to help it be more suitable to the time limit required. I have come to the conclusion that one big video essay about the development of the lane in League of Legends called jungle and how it is becoming less frustrating to play the jungle but still a challenge.

I suppose one of the best things about my project currently is the fact that I have so many in-depth patch notes I can go through with league of legends. The game is constantly developing in ways to become more enjoyable but remain quite the same at its core. One of the main websites I have also been using is the League of Legends Wiki, which has so much information on all versions of the game to help me show an accurate information in large amounts.

While I understand the whole “history of the jungle in League of Legends” has been done over and over again, I was more looking to describe the way it has remained a pinnacle of the game and how it became the normal for this type of game. I will be looking to gain an understanding through social media and gaining players opinions on how riot has developed the game through interviews.

One of the biggest issues I have hit with my project is the fact that I am doing this entire project on a Macbook Air that is struggling heavily to record gameplay, hence the extremely low frame rate. Though I may be able to use someone else’s gaming setup to record.

Other than that the foundation is there, I just need to build the framework.

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